Network Security Scan

How secure is your network?

Most business owners know if their network is working or not, but do they know if it is secure? That’s a much tougher question When it comes to security there is no easy answer. With AmaTech’s Network Security & HIPAA Compliance Audit, you get peace of mind. Call us today to schedule your audit and don’t just wonder if your network is secure, know it is!

Complete Network Scan

Our complete network scan will scour every corner of your company’s network. From the more common vulnerabilities such as out of date software to the often overlooked items such as security policies and user permissions, nothing is left unchecked.

Get a Detailed Report

With our reporting system, you will get a lot more than a simple thumbs up at the end of your security audit. Our Detailed Report will give you a complete breakdown of your entire network. This report will also include a HIPAA Risk Assessment that assures you that you are up to snuff when it comes to HIPAA Compliance.

Schedule a Security Scan

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